Board Members

Board Members plan, raise funds, order products, prep soil beds, fertilize, plant, water, and weed. They work year around to orchestrate every detail of the Ludington Petunia Parade Project.

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Email: ludingtonpetuniaparade@gmail.com

Block Captains

Block Captains and their crews assume responsibility for supervising the planting and maintenance of petunias on a specific block.

Planting and Weeding Partners

Planting and Weeding Partners are assigned to work with one block captain, or are available to assist on several blocks, as needed, throughout the season

2021 Planting Dates

May 15 Block Captain meeting

May 17 Block Captain alternative meeting


Weeding Benchmark Days:

June 12, 26

July 10, 24

August 7, 21

September 11 or 18 PLANT REMOVAL

September 20 Block Captain Thank You

Watering Truck Crew

The Watering Truck Crew supplies irrigation to nurture the 30,000 petunias along Ludington's avenue, boulevard, and city marina.

Thanks to present crew members:

Ted Radtke and Anne Schmitzer.

         Planting 2019

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