Betten Baker Ford 2017

Carol Chesebrough 2017

Birtwistle Family Foundation 2017


FloraCraft 2019

Joclyn L. Birtwistle 2019

Ludington Municipal Marina

    2017, 2018

West Shore Bank 2017

UACJ Auto. Whitehall Industries,       Inc 2017

Gold $500-$999
Gold $500-$999

Ludington Municipal Marina 2019       

West Shore Bank 2019

Robert and Kay Neal 2017, 2018

Oxy Chemical Corporation

    2017, 2018

Reed Foundation 2017, 2018

UACJ Auto. Whitehall Industries,       Inc 2018

Silver $250-$499
Silver $250-$499

Ludington Area Jaycees 2019

Robert and Kay Neal 2019

Reed Foundation 2019

Elaine Beach 2017

Wesley and Nancy Chinworth


Mason County Garden Club

    2017, 2018
Michael Kennedy and

    Susan Henry 2017

Indian Summer Co-Op 2017

Linda Leahy 2017, 2018

Ludington Area Jaycees 2018

Ludington Tai Chi Circle 2018
Barbara Maclean 2017

Ann Pettigrew 2017, 2018

Preceptor Kappa Chapter

    Beta Sigma Phi Sorority 2018

Shirley Rasmussen 2017, 2018
Scott and Barb Sitler 2017 
Jo Ann Smith 2017, 2018
Ken and Eldonna Tabor 2017


Bronze $100-$249
Bronze $100-$249

Elaine Beach 2020

Beta Sigma Phi 2019

BookMark/Nautical Yarn 2019

Wesley and Nancy Chinworth 2019

Lake Michigan Carferry S.S. Badger 2019

Mason County Garden Club 2019, 2020

Oxy Chemical Corporation 2019

Max and Sonja Schipper 2020

Barb and Scott Sitler 2019

Jo Ann Smith 2019

Ken and Eldonna Tabor 2019, 2020


Dr. Bill and Anna Anderson 2017

Judy Bach 2018

John Barrington 2017, 2018

Carol Buechin 2017

Jack and Janet Bulger 2018

Van and Sally Burmeister 2017

Kent and Peg Haskins Gage

    2017, 2018

Byron and Paddy Higgins 2017

Doug and Marge Leafstrand 2018

Florence Houk LivingTrust 2017

Sharon Jennings 2017

Ted and Linda Leibole 2017

Les and Marie Mortensen 2017

Art and Lynne Murphy 2017

Ralph and Sherian Patterson

    2017, 2018

Ian Radtke and Maureen Beck          Radtke 2017, 2018

Sidney Wilkins 2018

Friends $1-$99
Friends $1-$99

Dr. Bill and Anna Anderson 2019

Kent and Peg Haskins Gage 2019

Paddy Higgins 2019

Doug and Marge Leafstrand 

    Memorial for Tony Green 2019

Doug and Marge Leafstrand

    Memorial for Tommy Teague


Ted and Linda Leibole 2019

Jerry and Bev McGowan Memorial     for Mary McKinney 2019

Jerry and Bev McGowan Memorial     for Candy Laufer 2019

Art and Lynn Murphy 2019

Ralph and Sherian Patterson 2020

Ian Radtke and Maureen B. Radtke


Barb and Scott Sitler in honor of       Bettye and Tom Tyron 2019

Mike and Theresa Vrchota 2019


Special Thanks to the Following Agencies and Individuals for Past Donations

Big Apple Bagels

Book Mark/Nautical Yarn

Burgardt Family Dentistry

Cartier Mansion-Sue Schnitker 

City of Ludington

Gustafson's Greenhouse

Home Depot

House of Flavors - Barry Neal

Kwik Print Plus

Lowe's Home Improvement

Ludington Daily News

Ludington Municipal Marina


Mason County Ludington Library

Mason County Sheriff's Department


M.S.U. Extension Office

M.S.U. Soil Laboratory

Old Hamlin Restaurant

Optimists Club - Dean Raven


West Shore Bank

Bob Andrews

Mike Benedict

Mark Boon

Amanda Denby

John Dickenson

Donna Folkema

Chris Hissong

Ludington Cub Scouts

Charles Lunde

Shawn and Marilyn McDonald

Beth McMaster

Jason Miney

Jim Nickelson/Needlefest              Evergreens

Alex Rodriguez

Steve Scott

Tracy Thompson

Pat and Diane Tyron

Zeeland Girl Scouts

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